Established in 2015, OccupAction takes pride in practicing according to the latest evidence in the rehabilitation sector. Our team values ​​rigorous and efficient work, which will allow customers to resume their regular occupations as quickly as possible.

At OccupAction, we want to be a source of reference for the mental and physical health needs of the whole family, from newborns to seniors. Whether for parents' mental health, role transitions, chronic or persistent pain, the health of caregivers, retirement planning, resumption of post-cancer activities, the introduction of solids foods to babies, anxiety in children, and more.

OccupAction is a team with different professionals and collaborators to ensure that the client can receive all the services they need to re-engage in their significant occupations. They are a team dedicated to the client and overall health.

OccupAction also places particular emphasis on training the next generation by regularly taking on internship students. This investment allows our occupational therapists to keep up to date with new working methods as well as to transmit the passion for our profession.

In clinic:

To guarantee your health and safety, we have implemented rigorous sanitary measures in the clinic to benefit from face-to-face meetings for your rehabilitation needs.

  1. Hand disinfection station upon entry
  2. Questionnaire to identify symptoms of COVID-19
  3. Disinfection of equipment and space used between each client
  4. Wearing the mask requested from clients and stakeholders
  5. Wear the lab coat and visor if the 2m cannot be respected
  6. Posting in the Clinic of the rules and procedures to follow
  7. Shifting meetings to minimize contact between clients
  8. RRotation of stakeholder schedules to reduce on-site staff

OccupAction is affiliated to PHYSIOOUTAOUAIS.

In telehealth:

No matter where you are in Quebec, we can support your rehabilitation. Even if you are not very comfortable with technology, we make the process simple for you. When making an appointment, you will be asked for your email. An email containing the information to connect you will be sent to you before your appointment. Make sure you have access to a good internet connection and a camera on a device (cell phone, tablet, or computer). At the agreed time for the appointment, log in according to the instructions in the email. Your professional will communicate with you via the application and by phone if there are technical difficulties.