Mental health


manage daily life, engage in routine, maintain motivation in its activities, manage energy, reconcile family and work, falling asleep and recovery, reach our objectives and standards, organize and plan, fulfill our roles.


  • Assessment of occupational functioning
  • Ability to return to work


  • Cognitive strengthening program
  • An individualized intervention aimed at resumption of occupations and life balance
  • Individual sessions of 30 or 50 minutes


Our team uses a variety of strategies adapted to occupational therapy to support you in achieving your objectives. These include the cognitive behavioural approach, acceptance and commitment, behavioural activation, motivational interviewing, and dialectical behaviour.


  • Managing stress through activity
  • Daily management and organization
  • Role transition 
  • Life balance
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Work-family balance
  • Pain management 
  • Post-cancer occupational recovery