Physical health 


performing tasks at home or work, managing pain, recovering from an injury, recognizing/accepting new limits, resuming significant activities (e.g., leisure), performing hygienic care, move safely, manage your energy, redefine your roles, mourn your lost abilities, etc.


  • Assessment of occupational functioning
  • Assessment of aptitude for work
  • Ergonomic assessment


  • Individual interventions of 30 or 50 minutes in occupational therapy
  • Interventions with a multidisciplinary team that includes physiotherapy, kinesiologist, and physiotherapy.
  • Evidence-based pain management rehabilitation program
  • Cognitive or physical work capacity development program
  • Specialized interventions for people in cancer remission
  • Specialized interventions for post-concussion people
  • Ergonomic adaptation of the workstation and environment
  • Support in the workplace
  • On-demand training for companies


  • Daily management and organization
  • Role transition
  • Life balance
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Work-family balance
  • Pain management
  • Post-cancer occupational recovery