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It is possible to consult in occupational therapy without a doctor's referral or the difficulty of obtaining a diagnosis.


Your doctor may refer you to occupational therapy to promote a healthy resumption of activities, including work. An assessment can be completed, and a report sent to your doctor, as needed.

Mental health diagnoses: Attention deficit with or without hyperactivity, depression, bipolar disorder, burnout, anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, personality disorder, adjustment disorder (adjustment), etc.

Physical health diagnoses: chronic pain, work accident, fibromyalgia, MSD, chronic fatigue syndrome, concussion, etc.

Paediatric diagnoses: diagnoses: developmental delay from 0 to 12 years, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), dysphagia, dyspraxia, sensory modulation disorder, coordination disorder or dyspraxia, learning disabilities, ADHD, sleep and eating disorders, anxiety disorder and babies with intense needs (BABI), behavioural disorder.


Occupational therapy support can promote a family-work balance, improve your work performance, and reduce absenteeism. A workplace assessment is available.


Occupational therapy support can help people on sick leave to resume their participation in their daily routine, progress in their recovery, and prepare for a healthy and sustainable return to work.

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